Free Energy and Renewable Energy Projects .

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Experimenting the Free Energy and Renewable Energy has become much popular in these days. When considered about the “Free Energy “ one may think and argive that we can’t create an Energy and it violates the laws of Physics. It is correct, but “A Free Energy Device “ does not mean a machine that provides its own Energy” .  For instance, if we take a “Magnetic Free Energy Generator “ it provides us some Energy by utilizing the Energy stored in the Magnets. If we strategically assemble the Magnets in a Magnet Rotor according to some legitimate calculations , we are able to convert the Energy stored in the Magnets to Rotational Energy by which we can produce Electricity through the Electromagnetism.

If we take a Battery, it converts the Chemical Energy to Electric Energy. If we connect a Load to a Battery, For Instance a Motor or a Light Bulb, the Battery will start to be discharged after two or three hours depending on the efficiency of the Battery. But have you ever thought a way to keep the Battery charged while taking a continuous load from it?. If we think scientifically there is a way for it and it is also a concept of the Free Energy System.

Dr. Nikola Tesla can be described as the Father of the “Free Energy and Renewable Energy” System. According to his inventions the Electricity exists anywhere around us and we have to use a systematic  and scientific way to obtain Energy from it. At the start of his scientific career, He was able to create a Free Energy Generator which produced Electricity utilizing the Electrons exist  in the Sky and Ground. He said, “There is a huge voltage Gap”  between the Sky and the Floor. The “Lightening” is the best example to prove that. Later he was able to build a Tesla Tower which could produce sufficient Electricity required to power up a House. He is also famous for inventing the Alternative Current and the Alternator. It was an amazing fact that once he was able to drive a car using a Motor which ran by the power of Radio Waves without any external power source.

All of us still depend on the Hydropower Electricity. But think about a situation where there is a huge drought, or more days of repair in the system, by which the Electricity supply is interrupted for many days. When such unexpected situation happens all our day to day activities which required the Electricity have to be abandoned. So many Scientists think about this Problem and did years of experiments to make a Free Energy Device which provides continuous Power.

John Bedini Free Energy Device .

Mr. John Bedini in UK got much famous for creating a “Free Energy Device “ with much less components and a simple circuit diagram. The basic concept of the John Bedini Free Energy Device is giving an Electricity to a coil which includes many turns of copper wire and stopping the Electricity supply quickly. In scientific words “Triggering a Coil “ with Electricity supply. If we do this continuously there will be a huge voltage spike produced by the coils and we can use that voltage spike to charge a Battery . As this voltage spike is very strong we can also get a separate voltage supply while charging a Battery. So if we use two Batteries one for driving the Bedini Motor and one for charging we can get a continuous supply by swapping the Batteries. That means when the Drive Battery gets discharged, we can put the charged Battery to the Drive Battery position and the Drive Battery to the Charge Battery position. We can continue this method to get a continuous Electricity Supply. Also we can connect an Inverter to the Charging Battery and use the Bedini Motor to power up a House.

According to the Scientist Mr. John Bedini, if someone can make an efficient Bedini Motor with super Neodymium Magnets and efficient Bifilar coil system, that Device is entirely able to power up a House without discharging  both the drive and charge Batteries.

The Basic Circuit Diagram of the John Bedini Free Energy Device is as follows.


The famous Scientist Mr. John Bedini also introduced a really working Free Energy Device with 03 Battery Swapping System. The basic concept of this Device is swapping the Batteries continuously without any manual handling. This is very important concept and this Device has been practically tested to be a really working Free Energy Device.

The diagram for John Bedini 3 Battery Swapping system is as follows.

Magnetic Piston Engine

Another Inventor from UK has successfully invented a Magnetic Piston Engine which runs indefinitely without any external power source. It uses only the Energy stored in the Magnets. The Inventor has announced that this Engine can be used to the Vehicles and practically it has been tested.

The Basic Diagram for the Magnetic Piston Engine is shown Below.

If you need some more comprehensive information about this Magnet Piston Engine please refer to the PDF  by the following link.

In conclusion, I have to mention that the Free Energy and the Renewable Energy is not a myth. If work with much intelligence and confidence , we are able to tap it easily.

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