How to reduce your Body Weight?

The Health is Wealth and no other Wealth is better than Health. Therefore we should be engaged in good work practices and avoid ill health as much as possible. The over weight in the Human Body in other words the “Obesity” has become a major health problem in the present society. According to the Reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) 20 % of people in the World are suffering from the Obesity.  Many people do not take much care about this problem and ultimately they would have to undergo a hardship to face the intolerable problems caused by this obesity problem. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation used to determine your body fat. In some cases it can help a Doctor to determine your overall fitness and your risk of developing a chronic disease. Keeping the BMI in normal position plays a key role in maintaining your Body Weight in a normal position.

What causes the Body Over-Weight?

A number of factors can play a role in weight gain. These include Diet, Lack of Exercises, factors in a person’s environment and genetics.

Diet (Food and Activity )

The weight gain is predominantly based on the foods we take. People get much weight when they consume more calories than they burn through activity. This imbalance causes the weight gain in the human body and many people do not take much care about this matter and they take much more calories than burned, due to lack of exercises.  Day by day these excessive calories start to be stored in the Body causing the over –weight having an abnormal BMI rate .

Lack of Exercises.

Lack of Exercises also plays an important role in the obesity. The calories we take should be burned in a balanced way and if not such calories would be stored in our body causing the Obesity. In the modern world many people do not have much time to do some regular exercises due to their busy schedule . But the outcome is very dangerous as the Obesity can cause even chronic heart diseases which can even bring the Death to some people. So people should allocate some time for regular exercises despite the fact that they have busy schedule. If people are ill fated the will be unable to fulfill their busy schedule as unhealthy people are unable to work hard. So the People should be enlightened the importance of regular exercises.


The environment around us influences the possibility to maintain a healthy weight. The following factors explain the effects of environmental problems which cause the weight abnormalities.

  1. Lack of having sufficient area parks, sidewalks and affordable Gyms makes it hard for people to be physically active.
  • Over-sized and packed artificial foods contain an excessive amount of calorie which instantly increase the weight of the Human Body , even if the people are involved in regular exercises.
  • Due to the financial constraints of the People , many of them are unable to purchase some fresh fruits and vegetables which are essential to keep a good BMI.
  • The people are always encouraged to buy unhealthy foods by the advertisements by which they tend to purchase high-fat snacks and sugary drinks which are much unhealthy and hazardous to the human body.   


According to the recent researches of WHO (World Health Organization) the Genetics play a significant role in obesity. The Genetics can directly cause Obesity in such disorders as Prader-willi –syndrome. According to the scientists the Genetics may increase a person’s likelihood of becoming obese but regular exercise and control of food intake can assist the person to reach a normal BMI with the proper path paying of the Medical Professionals.

The Importance of keeping a normal Body Weight .

Many people are usually unaware of the importance of keeping their body weight in a normal position. As I mentioned at the beginning the BMI is the main measurement the Doctors use to determine one’s body weight. Theoretically , if you are in normal Body Weight your BMI rate should be between 18.5 and 24.9. If your BMI is below 18.5 then you should be underweight and if it is above 24.9 then you are suffering from obesity.

Keeping a normal body weight allows us to be much active and efficient in our day to day life span. It also allows the Breathing much easier and also increases the Testosterone Level in the Human Body which affects the sexuality.  Keeping a good Body Weight also protects us from the chronic heart diseases and diabetics. Today we can see many people are suffering from the chronic heart diseases and diabetics for which the Obesity plays a vital role. A recent research has indicated that the People who are suffering from obesity usually get bad tempered than people who have a normal weight. Also the obesity causes sleeping problems to people .

Important Methods  reduce your Body Weight

Method  1 – Reducing your Body Fat with Dietary Changes .

The basic way to reduce the Body Fat is taking some low calorie diets . Monitor how many calories you consume on a daily basis and reduce it by  500 calories each day. This method will result in 1 –  2 pound weight loss per week. But do not try to follow a very lowest calorie diet below 1200 calories because when your calories are too low it may be harmful for your normal weight.   

Method 2 – Reducing Body Fat by Regular Exercises .

Regular exercises is very essential to keep a good normal body weight. It will also stimulate the Blood Circulation by which we can prevent Heart Diseases. The Doctors usually approve a one Hour daily exercise which is much beneficial for the Human Body. Those who are unable to go to a Gym can do regular walking and cycling on a daily basis which is much beneficial for the Human Body.

Method 3 – Consume more fresh Fruits and Vegetables .

Consuming more Fresh Fruits and Vegetables is much essential to reduce the Body Weight.

  • It’s generally recommended to consume about five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Aim for one to two servings of fruit and the rest should be vegetables.[7]
    • Also, when you’re choosing foods from these groups, try to choose items that are brightly colored or darkly colored. These foods are typically more nutrient-dense meaning they contain higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.[8] For example, choose kale over iceberg lettuce.
    • Try using vegetables creatively. Try them raw with a dip or in a salad, sauté them on the stove, cook them in a soup, roast them in the oven, grill them outside, or hide them in a smoothie or in spaghetti sauce and serve over spaghetti squash.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that keeping a good body weight is very essential to live a Healthy Life and actively. I urge the relevant Authorities concerned to conduct some awareness Programmes to the General Public on the importance of keeping their BMI rate in the normal position. Otherwise we can see a world full of Patients suffering from Obesity.

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