I am Thamal Indika Mahindarathna a 42 years old Male from Sri Lanka.  I am really interested in the fields of  “Social Service “,  Health Care “ and “New Free Energy and Renewable Energy Systems”. As I have a good writing skills, I have decided to write some valuable and timely Articles on this fields. I usually collect some useful and updated information about such Fields and publish them in this blog for the referral of General Public who can reap much benefit from that.

When considered about the “Social Service “ it is considered to be a great Humanitarian Charity Service extended for the needy  People who are suffering from Poverty . I, myself is entirely committed to support such People who are not given much attention by the relevant Organizations.

“Health Care” field is also of utmost importance to us as the “Health is the Wealth” and we should always try to keep our Health in a good condition. Otherwise, we will become unhealthy and suffering from many diseases. Updated information about “How to keep our Health in a good condition” is included in my Articles for the easy referral of General Public.

“Free Energy and Renewable Energy Systems” has become a very famous and interesting Topic among People now.  In early 1980s a Scientist called “John Bedini “  did years of experiments to create a Free Energy Device and ultimately he was able to create a Self Running , Self Charging Motor Generator which ran continuously for Three Years without discharging it’s Battery . Full information about this Device is included in my blog for your kind consideration.

I hope you will reap much benefit by reading my timely Articles to live a better successful Healthy life with a meritorious mind while with a good familiarity   with Modernized Technology.

Thamal Indika