How Nikola Tesla drove a Car using the Radio Signals?

Dr. Nikola Tesla is known to be the “King” for Free Energy Devices. According to his Biography he was a very abnormal, extraordinary person and always needed to invent something new for the World. From his early childhood he showed a keen interest in the field of Electronics and had followed many Courses related to the field. But his Teachers has mentioned him as a mad person because he has introduced new methods to create Electricity free of charge without any external power input.

In that era, it was a completely impossible fact to produce Electricity without any substantial power input like the Hydro Power with Turbines, Wind Power with Dynamos e.t.c. But Nikola Tesla clearly indicated that, there is a specific way to produce Electricity without any external power input. He did many experiments to create Electricity without any external Power Input and ultimately he was successful in creating a Device which utilized the Electrons exist in the Earth and Sky. There is a specific way to capture such Electrons and convert them to the Electricity. Initially many People condemned hid Device but he was able to power up many Household Equipment using  that  device .

A simple circuit Diagram of his Device is as follows.

As I mentioned above, the Electrons existing in the sky is captured by the Insulated Shiny Metal Plate and the Electrons from the Earth is captured from the Earth terminal. Then a small voltage is available in the output terminals with the High Quality Capacitor connected in parallel and that small voltage is increased to a higher amount by the step up Transformer. The oscillator is used to provide a pulsed voltage supply to the primary coil of the Transformer to enable a high voltage output in the Secondary coil which could be connected to a Load.

According to the explanations of recent Scientists, this is a working Device and one Experimenter has been able to power up a House using an improved design of this device. I speculate that connecting these multiple devices in the parallel mode will simultaneously    increase both the Amperage and the Voltage thus enabling a way to power up a House. However Dr. Nikola Tesla became much famous for inventing this new method to capture the existing Electrons in the Environment to produce Electricity.

Dr. Nikola Tesla was able to drive a Car using the Radio Signals without a drop of Fuel as normally consumed by the car Engine. He completely removed the Car Engine and fixed an 80HP Motor to the clutch shaft and drove the car for one week using the Radio Signals. Directly you can say this is absolutely an impossible fact, but according to the documentary evidence, Dr. Nikola Tesla had truly driven a Car using the Radio Signals.

He had captured the weak Radio Signals   using two Antennas and then amplified the signals using an Amplifier. The Transistors were not available on those days and only Radio Values were in use to create Amplifiers. He had used multiple number of such Values to amplify that weak Radio Signals to a Higher Voltage by which 80HP AC Motor could be run.

Nikola Tesla had also suggested a Plan to run UFO s using this same method but the Government had rejected his plans.

I suggest , we can use this Nikola Teslas’s Wireless Energy System even today to the Transportation System . It is much easy and economical.


Low Drag Generator using a Mechanical Controller

This method is used to stop lowering the Generator Speed when connecting a Load to it. This is done by using a Mechanical Controller attached to the Rotating Shaft of the Generator.  Here at first the Capacitor is charged by the Generator and the Load is completely disconnected from the Generator.

The Firing Section has reached the Non Firing Section now because of the Rotation of the Controller attached to the Generator Shaft. Here the Load is connected to the Capacitor and both the Capacitor and the Load is completely disconnected from the Generator. The Capacitor Discharge is sent to the Load.

So the overall outcome of this method is not to affect the Generator Rotation Speed when the Load is connected to it. If you use the normal method of connecting the Load directly to the Generator then the Rotation Speed of the Generator will definitely get lower and the Generator efficiency goes down. 

In order to get more efficient results, we have to use a high frequency mechanical controller designed as follows. Here, the Capacitor will be charged and discharged to the Load 3 times more than the above design.