Regenerative Acceleration Generator

Today, I am going to explain you about a specialized Generator Model, which can be fixed to an Electric Vehicle by which we are given a good opportunity to recharge the Vehicle Battery , while giving an acceleration to the vehicle speed. This is a new invention of Mr. Thane Heins from Canada and now the Scientists are involved in continuous experiments to fix this Generator to the Electric Vehicles and start commercialized mass production of such Electric Vehicles for which very less recharge plugins are required when running the car.     

I would like to do a little explanation about a special and awesome effect of the Electromagnetism to the concerned persons who have a keen intellect about the mechanical field.  When we use a Conventional Generator Coil consisting few turns of copper wire with a Magnet Rotor spinning in front of it, the Rotor speed will get decreased when the Generator Coil is connected to a Load. This is called the Lenz law and this Lenz Law consists of two brakes and that is why the Magnet Rotor speed gets decreased. I will explain how it happens. When the N pole of the rotor magnet approaches the Core of the Generator Coil , the coil becomes magnetized as the coil is connected to the load and there is a loop circuit with a resistance caused by the load.

In this diagram , I will explain how the Lenz Law causes 2 brakes and thus decreases the RPM of the Magnet Rotor, when the Conventional Generator coil is connected to the Load.

When the N pole Rotor Magnet glued to the Rotor approaches the Coil Core , the Coil is very quickly magnetized , before the Rotor Magnet reaches the Top Dead Centre ( hereafter mentioned as TDC) . So then the Coil Core will also become a N pole magnet which resists and repels the rotor magnet which is also the N pole magnet and still approaching the coil core.  . So this is the First break of the Lenz Law. It is caused by Magnet Repulsion.

Then when the Rotor Magnet passes the Coil Core , the Coil is demagnetized and reverses the current induced in it, so  then the coil core become a “ S”  pole Magnet and it attracts the passing “N” pole magnet of the Magnet Rotor . So this is the second break of the Lenz Law. This is how the Lenz Law decreases the Rotor RPM when the Generator coil  is connected to the Load.

So now I am going to explain you, how the Lenz law becomes much delayed and how the Rotor RPM increases when we use the Special  Regenerative Acceleration  Coil ( hereafter mentioned as Regenx Coil ).

In this Regenerative Acceleration Effect there are two Parameters .

  1. The Coil should have many turns of copper wire and it should be high impedance , high resistance coil.
  2. The Rotor RPM should be high .

The following is the Coil I made which has over 8000 turns of Guage 28 copper wire and it is about 600 Grams in weight.

But when I was experimenting with my Small Set up , I understood that there should not be a very high speed in the Rotor and if we can make the coil a high resistance one then the  rotor RPM does not play any significant role in making the effect .

My coil is a Bifilar coil and I connected the Bifilar coils in series and it has a high resistance. I used a small motor discarded from a DVD player and it is a 5V motor . When I supplied the power my magnet rotor gets about 1800 RPM and it is not too high , but I successfully achieved this effect.

So this is how the Regenerative Acceleration Effect happens.

As there are too many coil turns and the rotor is spinning in a very high speed, the Regenex Coil is not magnetized very quickly when the N pole rotor magnet approaches the Coil Core. But this Regenx coil gets magnetized when the N pole rotor magnet has just passed  the TDC as shown in the following diagram.

So as you can see in this configuration the Regenx coil is magnetized for “N “ pole  , when the rotor magnet has just passed  the TDC , so that there is a repulsion in the Magnets and the rotor magnet is pushed away by the coil core (Because it is a N pole Magnet )and this is the first Acceleration effect of this regenerative acceleration effect.

As the rotor is in the  N S N  S magnet configuration , then this coil core simultaneously attracts the  next S pole rotor magnet and it is the second acceleration effect.

Actually the Lenz law is happening here , But it gets much delayed because of the new alterations and accelerates the Magnet Rotor  when connected to the load.

I also 100 percent agree with you that, we can’t add too many heavy loads to this regenex coils , but we can charge some heavy duty batteries like 12V 7A or 12V Car batteries , if we can sue some big magnets with big copper coils like Guage 20 copper wire because they will provide much ampere.

In my small set up , I have used Guage 28 thin copper wire , but I can charge my mobile phone battery and also I can lit my lampshade and the RPM of the Magnet Rotor increases well and the current which motor takes from the drive battery gets much decreased when I connected the load.

I have also well understood that, if we can add more regenex coils with loads the rotor RPM increases simultaneously . For me this is a very amazing phenomena and as my first small set up worked very well , I am going to make a much bigger design .

Please note that it has been experimentally proved that , if we add more regenex coils, the RPM of the Rotor increases simultaneously, and the prime mover takes much less current from the drive battery . It is marvelous fact and this will direct me to provide many overunity motors and we have reached this overunity situation 90 percent now.

A video of my first original small setup can be seen using the following link

I am going to optimize this design and make a bigger scale . I am in the process of that work and whenever I get the satisfactory results , I will share all the information with you.

I hope you will reply me at your earliest convenience .

Best Regards !

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How Nikola Tesla drove a Car using the Radio Signals?

Dr. Nikola Tesla is known to be the “King” for Free Energy Devices. According to his Biography he was a very abnormal, extraordinary person and always needed to invent something new for the World. From his early childhood he showed a keen interest in the field of Electronics and had followed many Courses related to the field. But his Teachers has mentioned him as a mad person because he has introduced new methods to create Electricity free of charge without any external power input.

In that era, it was a completely impossible fact to produce Electricity without any substantial power input like the Hydro Power with Turbines, Wind Power with Dynamos e.t.c. But Nikola Tesla clearly indicated that, there is a specific way to produce Electricity without any external power input. He did many experiments to create Electricity without any external Power Input and ultimately he was successful in creating a Device which utilized the Electrons exist in the Earth and Sky. There is a specific way to capture such Electrons and convert them to the Electricity. Initially many People condemned hid Device but he was able to power up many Household Equipment using  that  device .

A simple circuit Diagram of his Device is as follows.

As I mentioned above, the Electrons existing in the sky is captured by the Insulated Shiny Metal Plate and the Electrons from the Earth is captured from the Earth terminal. Then a small voltage is available in the output terminals with the High Quality Capacitor connected in parallel and that small voltage is increased to a higher amount by the step up Transformer. The oscillator is used to provide a pulsed voltage supply to the primary coil of the Transformer to enable a high voltage output in the Secondary coil which could be connected to a Load.

According to the explanations of recent Scientists, this is a working Device and one Experimenter has been able to power up a House using an improved design of this device. I speculate that connecting these multiple devices in the parallel mode will simultaneously    increase both the Amperage and the Voltage thus enabling a way to power up a House. However Dr. Nikola Tesla became much famous for inventing this new method to capture the existing Electrons in the Environment to produce Electricity.

Dr. Nikola Tesla was able to drive a Car using the Radio Signals without a drop of Fuel as normally consumed by the car Engine. He completely removed the Car Engine and fixed an 80HP Motor to the clutch shaft and drove the car for one week using the Radio Signals. Directly you can say this is absolutely an impossible fact, but according to the documentary evidence, Dr. Nikola Tesla had truly driven a Car using the Radio Signals.

He had captured the weak Radio Signals   using two Antennas and then amplified the signals using an Amplifier. The Transistors were not available on those days and only Radio Values were in use to create Amplifiers. He had used multiple number of such Values to amplify that weak Radio Signals to a Higher Voltage by which 80HP AC Motor could be run.

Nikola Tesla had also suggested a Plan to run UFO s using this same method but the Government had rejected his plans.

I suggest , we can use this Nikola Teslas’s Wireless Energy System even today to the Transportation System . It is much easy and economical.


Low Drag Generator using a Mechanical Controller

This method is used to stop lowering the Generator Speed when connecting a Load to it. This is done by using a Mechanical Controller attached to the Rotating Shaft of the Generator.  Here at first the Capacitor is charged by the Generator and the Load is completely disconnected from the Generator.

The Firing Section has reached the Non Firing Section now because of the Rotation of the Controller attached to the Generator Shaft. Here the Load is connected to the Capacitor and both the Capacitor and the Load is completely disconnected from the Generator. The Capacitor Discharge is sent to the Load.

So the overall outcome of this method is not to affect the Generator Rotation Speed when the Load is connected to it. If you use the normal method of connecting the Load directly to the Generator then the Rotation Speed of the Generator will definitely get lower and the Generator efficiency goes down. 

In order to get more efficient results, we have to use a high frequency mechanical controller designed as follows. Here, the Capacitor will be charged and discharged to the Load 3 times more than the above design.

Really working Free Energy Device.

Creating a Free Energy Device has become a dream of many People Today. Actually , it was also a Dream of a famous Scientist  Dr. Nikola Tesla some decades ago. Many people are against the fact “Free Energy “ and they always argue that an Energy cannot be created and it is against the laws of Physics.  Dr. Nikola Tesla did so many experiments to create a Free Energy Device in a past era where no electronic components were available as these days. But because of his great dedication and enthusiasm, he succeeded in creating many Free Energy Devices and other invaluable inventions like the Alternative Energy, Alternator, and the Permanent Magnet Motor which are hardly used to fulfill our day to day activities today. He is also the Inventor of the Wireless Energy and transferring that Energy through the Waves. Today we use the Radio, Television and the Mobile Phones because of his remarkable inventions.

Today, I am going to introduce you a Really Working Free Energy Device, and it is very simple and no higher knowledge of Electronic Science is required to create it. Also it needs very less components and they are as follows.

  1. 12V DC Permanent Magnet Motor 1100 R.P.M. 1/12 h.p
  2. 12V 12A Rechargeable Motor Cycle Battery
  3. Controller  made of Copper Circle ( explained later )
  4. Fly Wheel (Mass)
  5. Energizer made  of Magnets and Coils (explained later )

As a person involved in many Free Energy Experimentation work , I realized that a Battery cannot be charged, while getting a continuous load from it. Imagine we connect a Motor to a battery and keep it running foe some hours. The Battery will get discharged and the Motor will stop. But one might think that if we connect a Generator to the Motor shaft and connect the output terminals of the Generator to the Battery then this device will run indefinitely for many days without discharging the Battery, because the Battery is being recharged by the Generator. BUT IT IS NOW DONE AND THE BATTERY WILL GET DISCHARGED AS EARLIER.

The reason for this that we are unable to charge a Battery while getting a continuous output from it. Today Electric Vehicles are very famous among people. But the disadvantage of such Electric Vehicles is that we have to charge the Drive Battery for about one hour when it gets discharged. If a Battery can be charged, while getting a continuous output from it , then we can fix four electric dynamos to the four wheels of the vehicle and charge the Drive Battery while the vehicle is running. BUT IT IS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE AS A BATTERY CANNOT BE CHARGED WHILE GETTING A CONTINOUS OUTPUT FROM IT.    Otherwise the Electrical Engineers who involved in the Electric Vehicle manufacturing could use this way to self-charge the Drive Battery while running the Vehicle so that there will be no need to spend hours of time in the Battery Charging Centres. 

Famous Scientist called John Bedini from UK ultimately found a way to self-charge a Battery while getting a continuous Load from it. He did many experiments on this matter and in the year 1984 he was able to demonstrate a Really working Free Energy Device which self-charged its drive battery while running the Device. His device ran indefinitely for many days without discharging the Drive Battery he was even awarded uk patens for his invention.

This invention is not much complicated and it has only few electronic components mentioned above. Following is the Diagram for this Device and the people who have a little knowledge about the Electronic Science could create it easily. But it is really working and it has been proved by many Scientists today who replicated it successfully.

N.B. Please note that all thsese Diagrams were extracted by the John Bedini Web Site.

The Basic Diagram for the Device

As explained in the above Diagram there are very few Components in the Device and this has been proved to be a really working Free Energy Device. The basic concept of this Device is charging the Battery while not getting any load from it. Just like removing a discharged Car Battery from the Vehicle and connect it to a conventional charger for charging.

In this device this concept is fulfilled by the “Controller” made of copper ring and the copper brushers. This is similar to the “Communicator” of a conventional Permanent Magnet Motor but has some changes in the Brush system. This controller allows the Drive Motor to get connected to the Battery for some time and disconnect it in the same time intervals. If the motor shaft is not connected to the “Mass” as shown in the above Diagram then it will not run. But as the Motor shaft is connected to the Fly Wheel the speed of the Motor will be increased step by step because of the Fly Wheel as it stores some moving energy, despite the fact we supply a trigger voltage (ON-OFF)  to the Motor through the Controller.  So the Fly Wheel helps the Motor to run continuously while increasing the Speed.

The Energizer is also connected to a one Brush of the Controller and when the Motor is completely disconnected by the Controller, the Energizer is connected to the Battery and it will charge the Battery well. . This is how we fulfill the concept of this device “charging the Battery while not getting any Load from it”  . The Energizer is a device which is fixed to this Device producing DC voltage required to charge the Battery. It is made of six Neodymium Magnets and Six Generator Coils connected in serial mode. So the Controller connects the Energizer to the Battery when the Motor is disconnected from the Battery and do vice versa. This method is continued and the Battery is self-charged well, while the device running. So this Device is running indefinitely without discharging the Battery. 

The Diagram of the Controller is as follows.

You can clearly see this Controller disconnects the Motor from the Battery and connect the Battery to the Energizer and do the vice versa when the Device is running.

Pulsing system of the Device

The pulsing system plays a significant role in this Device. The time period taken to connect the Motor with the Battery and the Energizer with the Battery should be equal. This can be accomplished if you create the “Controller “ well and as shown in the above Diagrams. When you fix the three Bushes please make sure that they are fixed with 90 degree alignment between each other.

Copper Section

  Also the copper section which touches the Brushes should be less than 180 degrees.

If smooth type controller is made then the following  pulses will be shown in an oscilloscope.

However it is advisable to check the pulses by an oscilloscope when the Device is running as it is a must to have the above pulses for efficient Battery Charging.

So you have been enlightened about all vital information about this Free Energy Device , I would like to add a full circuit diagram with the Energizer which charges the Battery.

There are 6 Neodymium Magnets fixed in the Rotor all North pole facing up and also there six generator coils connected in serial.  Please add rectifiers to covert the AC voltage supplied by the Generator to DC voltage to be able to charge the Battery.

This has been proved to be many Scientists who replicated it and also by ordinary People who have a little knowledge about the Electronic Science.

I also suggest you to create this Device and this is not an Internet Scam as many well experienced Scientists approve this to be really working. The Battery is being charged by the same Device and this can be used for some Household work like lighting Bulbs , charging the Laptop Battery e.t.c . However I recommend to connect a dynamo or Alternator to the main shaft of this device and then connect the Load to it. It is much good for the Drive Battery and then the Device will run much efficiently without affecting the Battery voltage by the Load.

Please note that I will not be responsible for any damages caused by the experimental work of this Device. You must assure your Safety and Accuracy.

Best of luck to the new Replicators!!!.   

Free Energy and Renewable Energy Projects .

unsplash-logoGustavo Quepón

Experimenting the Free Energy and Renewable Energy has become much popular in these days. When considered about the “Free Energy “ one may think and argive that we can’t create an Energy and it violates the laws of Physics. It is correct, but “A Free Energy Device “ does not mean a machine that provides its own Energy” .  For instance, if we take a “Magnetic Free Energy Generator “ it provides us some Energy by utilizing the Energy stored in the Magnets. If we strategically assemble the Magnets in a Magnet Rotor according to some legitimate calculations , we are able to convert the Energy stored in the Magnets to Rotational Energy by which we can produce Electricity through the Electromagnetism.

If we take a Battery, it converts the Chemical Energy to Electric Energy. If we connect a Load to a Battery, For Instance a Motor or a Light Bulb, the Battery will start to be discharged after two or three hours depending on the efficiency of the Battery. But have you ever thought a way to keep the Battery charged while taking a continuous load from it?. If we think scientifically there is a way for it and it is also a concept of the Free Energy System.

Dr. Nikola Tesla can be described as the Father of the “Free Energy and Renewable Energy” System. According to his inventions the Electricity exists anywhere around us and we have to use a systematic  and scientific way to obtain Energy from it. At the start of his scientific career, He was able to create a Free Energy Generator which produced Electricity utilizing the Electrons exist  in the Sky and Ground. He said, “There is a huge voltage Gap”  between the Sky and the Floor. The “Lightening” is the best example to prove that. Later he was able to build a Tesla Tower which could produce sufficient Electricity required to power up a House. He is also famous for inventing the Alternative Current and the Alternator. It was an amazing fact that once he was able to drive a car using a Motor which ran by the power of Radio Waves without any external power source.

All of us still depend on the Hydropower Electricity. But think about a situation where there is a huge drought, or more days of repair in the system, by which the Electricity supply is interrupted for many days. When such unexpected situation happens all our day to day activities which required the Electricity have to be abandoned. So many Scientists think about this Problem and did years of experiments to make a Free Energy Device which provides continuous Power.

John Bedini Free Energy Device .

Mr. John Bedini in UK got much famous for creating a “Free Energy Device “ with much less components and a simple circuit diagram. The basic concept of the John Bedini Free Energy Device is giving an Electricity to a coil which includes many turns of copper wire and stopping the Electricity supply quickly. In scientific words “Triggering a Coil “ with Electricity supply. If we do this continuously there will be a huge voltage spike produced by the coils and we can use that voltage spike to charge a Battery . As this voltage spike is very strong we can also get a separate voltage supply while charging a Battery. So if we use two Batteries one for driving the Bedini Motor and one for charging we can get a continuous supply by swapping the Batteries. That means when the Drive Battery gets discharged, we can put the charged Battery to the Drive Battery position and the Drive Battery to the Charge Battery position. We can continue this method to get a continuous Electricity Supply. Also we can connect an Inverter to the Charging Battery and use the Bedini Motor to power up a House.

According to the Scientist Mr. John Bedini, if someone can make an efficient Bedini Motor with super Neodymium Magnets and efficient Bifilar coil system, that Device is entirely able to power up a House without discharging  both the drive and charge Batteries.

The Basic Circuit Diagram of the John Bedini Free Energy Device is as follows.


The famous Scientist Mr. John Bedini also introduced a really working Free Energy Device with 03 Battery Swapping System. The basic concept of this Device is swapping the Batteries continuously without any manual handling. This is very important concept and this Device has been practically tested to be a really working Free Energy Device.

The diagram for John Bedini 3 Battery Swapping system is as follows.

Magnetic Piston Engine

Another Inventor from UK has successfully invented a Magnetic Piston Engine which runs indefinitely without any external power source. It uses only the Energy stored in the Magnets. The Inventor has announced that this Engine can be used to the Vehicles and practically it has been tested.

The Basic Diagram for the Magnetic Piston Engine is shown Below.

If you need some more comprehensive information about this Magnet Piston Engine please refer to the PDF  by the following link.

In conclusion, I have to mention that the Free Energy and the Renewable Energy is not a myth. If work with much intelligence and confidence , we are able to tap it easily.